Winter Whether

It sertenly haz bin a warm winter. Almost hard to call it winter. Whether to or not….now that is the question.


Schell Game

Follow this now. Closely.
Three nut schells are sitting on a table. A valuable nut rests underneath one of them. The three schells are twirled around the table at breakneck speed. You have to find the nut.
Following them carefully, they come to a rest.
You make your choice.
If you chose this schell…….you came up empty.
Try again.


Noticed that someone in South Dakota has recorded four days in a row of much-warmer-than-usual temperatures. Certainly must be a sign of global warming (hint: four days don’t make much of a scientific study).

Where did the day go?

Duh? The same place every day goes. What do you mean, “where did it go”? Every day has 24 hours. Then the day is over.
That’s all.
Thank you.

View from the nut side of the schell (an insider’s perspective)

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse…yep another nut clogging up the internet. I will try to enlighten you from the perspective of a certified nut. The view is always interesting.

And Thank You for reading.

Hello world!

Rabid Fan - just monkeying around.

But I did this already!!